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RTO: Receptive Tour Operator
A corporation which is incorporated and in good standing under the CBCA*1or any provincial statute in Canada, and which is actively handling inbound tours from Asia Pacific region in Canada as the primary business of the said corporaton.

Annual Membership fee: 350.00 CAD

DMO: Destination Marketing Organization
A corporation which is incorporated and in good standing under the CBCA*1or any provincial legislating in Canada, as the case may be, and which is actively promoting non-provincial region in Canada, as a travel destination.

Annual Membership fee: 450.00 CAD

PMO: Provincial Marketing Organization
a corporation which is incorporated and in good standing under CBCA or any provincial legislation in Canada, as the case may be, and which is actively promoting any province or territory in Canada, as a travel destination.

Annual Membership fee: 700.00 CAD

CUS-OT: Canadian or United States Supplier - OTHER
A corporation related to the hospitality and tourism industry such as transportation companies, hotels, airline companies, restaurants, retail shops, attractions or relevant tourism partners with less than 2 locations or 200 employees. 

Annual Membership fee: 500.00 CAD

CUS-NR: Canadian or United States Supplier - NATIONAL|REGIONAL
a corporation related to the hospitality and tourism industry such as transportation companies, hotels, airline companies, restaurants, retail shops, attractions or relevant tourism partners with 2 or more locations and more than 200 employees. 

Annual Membership fee: 700.00 CAD

ASC: Association or Society
A professional travel-related industry association or society. 

Annual Membership fee: 700.00 CAD

RTA:  Retail Travel Agency
A corporation which is incorporated and in good standing under the CBCA*1or any provincial legislation, whose primary business and which is serving the general public as a travel agency in its local area.

Annual Membership fee: 300.00 CAD

DPT: Dependent Branch Office
A branch office of RTO, DMO or CUS member.

Annual Membership fee: 300.00 CAD

MED: Corporation or Partnership
A corporation or partnership, which publishes consumer and/or trade publications, including the full range of communication media of television and radio, on a regular basis.

Annual Membership fee: 300.00 CAD

IND: Individuals
Individuals such as tour coach driver, tour guides, driver guides, interpreter, etc.

Annual Membership fee: 200.00 CAD

** Remarks ** 

Membership fees are GST/HST exempt until further notice.

CBCA: The Canadian Business Corporations Act., R.S.C., 1985 as amended from time to time.

Networking Events

CITAP has three regular events annually, (i) Networking lunch or dinner in conjunction with Annual General Meeting which takes place in spring, (ii) Golf Tournament in the west during the month of July, and (iii) Winter Function which is the largest function that takes place usually in the first week of December


In addition to the Networking Events, CITAP holds information seminars for members. Some examples from the past include (i) ‘HST Ruling for the Travel Industry’ presented by CRA, (ii) ‘BC, Canada, China & ADS – What Now?’ presented by Tourism British Columbia.

Asia Pacific Market Updates

CITAP Members receive report on Asia Pacific markets based on information/data provided from the Receptive Tour Operators who are the front-line people when it comes to inbound travel news about the Asia Pacific.

Also as a part of the Winter Function, Market Updates are presented in a panel discussion format consisting of panellist representing the major markets.

Advocacy for RTOs

As an association to support the Receptive Tour Operators handling Asia Pacific markets in Canada, our Advocacy Committee speaks to and works with various levels of the government and industry related associations. To find out what current issues we have at hand, please visit Advocacy Updates page of our website.

Member Profile Pages

CITAP website consists of profiles on all members in a password-protected area and only the members have access to these pages.


CITAP office sends out E-Updates to members to keep members up-to-date with association events, notice, special offers, etc…. in order to keep members connected with what is going on at CITAP. 


Communication Committee prepares quarterly Newsletter for CITAP members.

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Business Development
John Webster Sandman Hotel Group | The Sutton Place Hotel Company    

Monica Leeck Destination British Columbia    
Alice Lin CAL Travel International    
David Lin GS Travel (Vancouver) Ltd.    
Chiemi Nishinari JTB International (Canada) Ltd.    
Ken Bailey Sea to SkyGondola    
Anastasia Belashov Niagara Falls Tourism    
Sally Chan Accent Inns    
Shawna Little Vancouver Aquarium    

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Shawna Little Vancouver Aquarium    

Shawna Lang Tourism Whistler    
Meghan Neale The Vancouver Trolley Company    
Jackie Frederick  Uncommon Canada     
Monica Leeck Destination British Columbia    
Lukas Prochazka Banff and Lake Louise Tourism    
Christel Kuiper Jonview Canada Ltd.    

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Victor Pun Winners Vacation Inc.    

Lukas Prochazka Banff and Lake Louise Tourism    
Sherry Sun Canada CYTS Travel Services    
Julie Wang Brewster Travel Canada    
Christel Kuiper Jonview Canada    

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External Relations
Julie Wang Brewster Travel Canada    

Bill Bessho Maple Fun Tours Ltd.    
Merv Gunter Frontiers North Adventure    
Andy Shimizu JTB Internationasl (Canada) Ltd.    
Cheryl Lee  MLI Inc.    

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Organizational Planning
Chiemi Nishinari JTB International (Canada) Ltd.    

Chely Lee MLI Inc.    
Joe Volk CITAP - Exeutive Director    
Yuko Denham CITAP Office    

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CITAP Executive Director - Joe VolkJOE VOLK:

Executive Director

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Joe was CITAP's Chair of the Board of Directors from 1998 – 1999 and CITAP's President  from 1999 – 2005 . Joe was appointed as Executive Director of CITAP in early 2016 and currently feels privileged to be working in such a great association.  Prior to joining CITAP as the Executive Director, Joe has had the most satisfying career within the tourism industry. In his more than 40 years in tourism, he has worked with Brewster Travel Canada , Rockies Heli Tours, Travel Alberta and including a 33 year career with Via Rail Canada Inc. Joe holds a Masters Degree in Management from McGill University and a certificate from the International Masters Program for Managers.



Office Manager

Yuko’s family immigrated to Canada from Japan in 1975. After arriving in Canada, she started with an ESL class and eventually earned a Bachelors Degree in Music from University of BC. After working on Tour Operations at a Vancouver-based RTO office, Yuko went to Japan to immerse herself in her almost-forgotten mother culture as well as to gain work experience, while spending extensive time volunteering at a non-profit organization in the natural & alternative health industry. In 1999 she returned to Canada, got married in 2001 and was blessed with a son in 2003. Yuko’s first association with CITAP was when she took notes at the CITAP board meeting in June of 2004. Since January 2007, she has supported CITAP as a contract worker while staying very active with the Parent Advisory Council at her son’s school. She enjoys cooking, gardening, golf and any other outdoor activities.   


CITAP Board of Directors


Cheryl Lee, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP President, CUS Director (Others) 

Muskoka Language International (MLI) Inc. - Director

Born in Red Deer, Alberta and raised in Vancouver, BC, Cheryl graduated from UBC with a degree in Economics and Urban Studies. She has worked in the tourism indsutry from 1986 onwards, first with Expo 86, then in Toronto as the Director of Sales for the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and later with Ontario Toruism in the International Marketing Derpartment. Cheryl returned to BC in 1995 to Salmon Arm and began the developmewnt of MLI as a partner within the company to help grow the student business to Western Canada. During this time, she was a Director of the TOTA Board for several years before relocating to Vancouver in 2005. Cheryl works closely local Inbound Operators as well as overseas agents from Japan,Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe as well as Mexico and South America.


Alice Lin, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP Vice-President, RTO Director (Southeast Asia)

CAL Travel International Ltd. - Director

Born in Taipei, Taiwa, Alice immigrated to Canada in 1996 and has been working at CAL Travel since 1999. After work, she enjoys reading, hiking, travelling and watching movies and also is busy taking care of her only son, Bryan, who has joined a hockey team. Alice has served on CITAP Board as a Treasurer as well as being an active volunteer for China Youth Corps and a former president of CCTOS. 


Chiemi Nishinari, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP Treasurer, RTO Director (Japan)

JTB International (Canada) Ltd. - Director, Procurement Tour Services and Tourland Operations

Chiemi was born in Japan and has worked for various RTO's since 1985. She moved to Canada in 1990 and joined JTB International (Canada) Ltd. in 2003. WIth over 25 years experience in travel industry both in Japan and Canada, she has been leading a key role in Sales, Product Planning and Purchasing. She has been overseeing the Canadian Inbound Operations General Manager for 3 years prior to her current position.

She loves Canada and enjoys showing her Canada to many customers. 


Bill Bessho, CITAP President 2015-2016


CITAP Past President, RTO Director (Japan)

Maple Fun Tours Ltd. - President

Born and grew up in Tokyo, Bill immigrated to Canada in 1973. Bill has been working in the Canadian inbound travel industry since 1976 and has started the present company, Maple Fun Tours, in 1981. Bill has served on CITAP Board as a vice-president, Membership Committee chair, Tactical Committee co-chair and was elected to the  president position at the first board of directors meeting in April of 2014.  


Puspa Affandi, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP Secretary,  CUS Director (Accomodation)

YWCA Hotel Vancouver - Sales Manager

Puspa began her career in tourism as a flight attendant for five years in Indonesia. She had the opportunity to visit many places in Indonesia and neighbouring countries. She moved to Vancouver in 1996 to study Marketing and Communications at BCIT. Upon completion, she joined a Vancouver-based advertising agency and resumed her involvement with the tourism industry through her work there, promoting Cathay Pacific to British Columbians. In 2005, Puspa joined the YWCA where she is responsible for sales and marketing of the YWCA Hotel, a social enterprise of Metro Vancouver YWCA. The Tourism industry is vibrant and exciting, and she enjoys her work very much.


CITAP RTO Director (Vietnam)

CPI: Canada Prestigexim Inc. - President

Kate moved to Canada in 2007 to study Travel and Tourism at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and CDI College in Calgary.  After seven years of working as a travel consultant, she founded Canada Prestigexim Inc. (CPI) in October 2016.  CPI is a Receptive Tour Operator bringing Vietnamese travelers to Canada.  They expertly create and design inbound tours and customized FIT itineraries. In September 2017, Kate Nguyen Le was appointed to the Board of Directors of CITAP to represent the Vietnamese market.  Her goal is to raise the profile of this market in the Canadian tourism industry.

CITAP BOD 2017-2019 _JoanneKim


CITAP RTO Director (Korea)

Let's Canada Tours Ltd. - Director

Born in Seoul, Korea. Joanne began working in the tourism industry from 1991 as a hotel guest relations officer after graduating university. Soon after that, she joined a Hong Kong airline as a flight attendant. Joanne moved to Vancouver in 2007 with her family and got a certificate in translation and interpretation for business in UBC in 2014. Now, as a director of Let’s Canada Tours, Joanne enjoys her career to develop new programs and attract more people to beautiful Canada.



CITAP RTO Director (SE Asia)

GS Travel (Vancouver) Ltd. – President

David was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He came to Vancouver BC, Canada as a student in 1985. In 1989, he became a landed immigrant and obtained his Canadian citizenship in 1992. David was known as one of the youngest entrepreneur who studied and worked in business during his university days. He has successfully marketed and promoted the Canadian tourism industry to the Far East market for almost 25 years, with extensive background working with various levels of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce (BC, Canada, North America and World).


Victor Pun, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP RTO Director (Sino-China)

Winners Vacation Inc. - Managing Director

Born in China, Victor moved to Canada in 1996. After graduating from university, he joined CITS Zhuhai, China. In 1989 Victor moved to Hong Kong and set up his own travel agency with closecooperation with agents from China, Taiwan, South East Asia and the USA.Currently Victor works as Managing Director at Winners Vacation Inc. 


Sherry Sun, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP RTO Director (Sino China)

Canada CYTS Travel Services Inc. - General Manager

Sherry was born in China, graduated from Beijing Normal University and worked as Lecturer in Educational Administration College until 1991. She immigrated to the US and worked in New York for 4 years before moving to Toroto, Canada. She finished accounting study, became a retail business owner for 3 years before moving to Vancouver. In 2000 she establisehd Winhor Consulting and Investment Canada Ltd., the sub-company of Winhor China which was the earliest M.I.C.S and Business Travel Consulting company in China and is one of the founders of CYTS MICE.


Albert Tseng, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP RTO Director (Sino China), past President

NTS International Group - President

Born in Taiwan, Albert moved to Vancouver in 1993 and has been involved in tour business since 1996. Before tour business, he worked with several parties in the construction business. Albert currently sits on Tourism Richmond’s Board of Directors and has served as the President of CITAP from 2007 to 2011.


CITAP BOD 2017-2019 - Anastasia


CITAP DMO Director

Niagara Falls Tourism - Manager, Asia

Born in Asian part of Russia, Soviet Union at that time, on an island that previously belonged to Japan, Anastasia moved to Middle East in mid 1990s.  After graduating from Tel Aviv University, BA in Asia Pacific Studies, Anastasia traveled to Japan to conduct a two-year research project at Hokkaido University. In 2004 Anastasia moved to Canada to complete her study at Toronto University, Munk School of Global Affairs (MA) After completion, she started to work in tourism industry; first as an outbound tour operator in Toronto and then as a Tour Manager at Chateau des Charmes, one of Niagara's finest wineries. During her five years at the winery, Anastasia had an opportunity to learn more about Asian markets and create connections with Asia Pacific tour operators, which came very handy when Anastasia moved to work for Niagara Falls Tourism, an official DMO for Niagara Falls. Anastasia is committed to promote CITAP’s activities and initiatives, support existing and recruit new CITAP members in Ontario and Canada.


CITAP DMO Director

Tourism Whistler - Manager, Asia

(Bio and photo coming soon)

Lukas Prochazka, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP DMO Director

Banff and Lake Louise Tourism - Manager, Asia

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Lukas graduated from Tomas Bata University in 2001 and spent several years working in his homeland as well as in the USA. Following his passion for mountains and outdoor lifestyle, he moved to Banff in 2004 which has become his new home. Lukas worked at The Rimrock Resort Hotel for almost 6 years before joining Banff Lake Louise Tourism as Manager, Asia in March of 2010.


John Webster, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP CUS Director (Accommodation)

Sandman Hotel Group | The Sutton Place Hotel Company – National Account Manager - Tour & Travel

John is a born traveller. Having grown up on Vancouver Island, there was always something new and exciting to discover over the mountains or across the Salish Sea. A graduate of Queen’s University at Kingston, John has been in the tourism industry for over 30 years. John owns and operates his own travel industry sales and marketing organization providing representation services, marketing and tourism product development to a variety of accommodations, attractions, sightseeing and soft adventure companies. In addition to being a CITAP Board of Director, John is an active Travel Trade Marketing Committee member for the Vancouver Hotel Destination Association (VHDA) made up of 35 downtown Vancouver hotels who contribute towards the Vancouver Destination Marketing Fund (DMF). John is an active outdoorsman, is married to Susan, for the past 25 years, has two grown children and always seems to be planning the next adventure or training for the next marathon or cycling event.


Merv Gunter, CITAP BOD 2015-2016


CITAP CUS Director (Attraction)

Frontiers North Adventures  - President

Born and raised in Rural Manitoba, Merv graduated from Red River College in 1970. Worked with Royal Bank of Canada for 27 years and retired from Senior Management position in 1999. Owner/operator of Frontiers North Adventures and Frontier North’s Tundra Buggy® Adventure since 1987. Merv was elected as CITAP’s CUS Director in 2010, while continuing with his other commitments including; Advisory Council of Polar Bears International, Advisory Council of TIAC Sustainable Tourism Committee, Advisory Council of  Travel Manitoba Sustainable Tourism Committee, President of Destination Churchill, Winnipeg Airport Authority Advisory, Red River College Alumnus of Distinction Award Winner 2009, President of 2 different Kinsmen Clubs of Canada and a founding member and Board Member Continuity Care.



CITAP CUS Director (Attraction)

Vancouver Aquarium - Sales Manager

Shawna grew up in Indonesia, the daughter of Canadian expatriates, and has explored Asia extensively. She moved to Canada in 1998, attending the University of Calgary for her undergrad and Simon Fraser University for her post-graduate work. As a Sales Manager at the Vancouver Aquarium, Canada’s largest aquarium and one of the top aquariums in the world, her role oversees a large portfolio including Tourism, Catering & Events and Program Bookings (Animal Encounter, Sleepovers, Camps, etc.)



CITAP CUS Director (Other)

Brewster Travel Canada/Pursuit Collection - Sales Manager

(bio and photo coming soon)


CITAP Advisor to the Board



CITAP Advisor 

JTB International (Canada) Ltd. 

Born in Vancouver BC, Andy has BC in Political Science, BBA in Finance, is trained as Certified General Accountant and has been an employee of JTB International (Canada) Group since 1987. He has strong interest in Politics/Economics, the Arts and the Asia Pacific.

In addition to serving CITAP as an RTO Director (Japan), Secretay and Chair of Advocacy Committee, Andy is also a board member of Tourism Richmond (2004 - Present), a member of the Travel Industry Advisory Group (TIAG) with Consumer Protection BC (2004 - Present), a member of Tourism Industry Association of BC's ongoing working Groups (2009 - present), and a member of JTOA (Japanese Tourism Operators Association) Advocacy working Group (1995 - present). 



CITAP, a non-profit organization, is a united force with members from various market segments of the Hospitality Tourism industry. Growing from 10 pioneers to over 300 members in just a short few years does mean something to us at CITAP - a genuine interest with sincere and devoted support in further developing Canada as the preferred destination for Asia Pacific travelers.


L'Association Canadienne du Tourisme Entrant - Asie-Pacifique(CITAP), un organisme sans but lucratif, est un partenariat d'envergure dont les membres proviennent de tous les milieux du l'industrie de l'hospitalité et du tourisme. En peu d'années, CITAP passait de 10 à 200 membres, démontrant l'intérêt sincère de développer le Canada en tant que destination de choix pour les voyageurs d'Asie-Pacifique.


  1. Enhance communications between members and Provincial and Federal levels of government.
  2. Increase and coordinate marketing investment in partnership with transportation companies, hotels, airline companies and relevant tourism partners in order to promote Canada as an international destination as well as a first quality tour destination for buyers from the Asia Pacific region.
  3. Provide members with the first option to invest in Canadian and Asia Pacific cooperative promotions.
  4. Highlight the importance of the Asia Pacific region and its positive economic impact on the Canadian economy,
  5. Establish and strengthen strategic alliances with various levels of government, sellers and buyers (Canadian and Asia Pacific).


  1. Améliorer les communications entre ses membres et les différents paliers de gouvernements provinciaux et fédéraux.
  2. Accroître et coordonner les investissements marketing de partenariat avec les hôtels, les compagnies de transport, les compagnies aériennes et tout autre partenaire touristique afin de faire la promotion du Canada en tant que destination internationale en proposant un choix d'itinéraire haut de gamme pour les acheteurs de la région Asie-Pacifique.
  3. Fournir aus membres l'option d'investir en primeur dans les promotions de coopératioin Canada/Asie-Pacifique.
  4. Souligner l'importance de la région Asie-Pacifique et de son impact économique positif sur l'économie canadienne.
  5. Etablir et renforcer des alliances stratégiques avec les divers niveaux de gouvernement ainsi que les vendeurs et acheteurs (Asie-Pacifique).


Passed at the Special General Meeting on December 7, 2005 (Original Edition: December, 1996)

The constitutional mandate of the Association is: 

  1.  to promote Canada as an international tourism destination in the Asia Pacific region; 
  2.  to promote Canada as a world class tourism destination to travel industry partners in the Asia Pacificregion;  
  3.  to engage in a leadership role in tourism advocacy issues in relation to Asia Pacific; and, 
  4.  to encourage a unified scheme of categorization/rating for receptive tour operators.


Passé à l'Assemblée générale extraordinaire le 7 décembre 2005 (Éditioin originale : décember 1996)

Le mandat constitutionnel de l'association est:

  1. Promouvoir le Canada en tant que destination touristique internationale dans la région Asie-Pacifique.
  2. Promouvoir le Canada en tant que destination mondiale haut de gamme dans la région Asie-Pacifique;
  3. Assumer un rôle de direction (leadership) dans la défense des intérêts touristiques concernant la région Asie-Pacifique; et
  4. Encourager un programme unique d'évaluation et de catalogage pour les organisateurs de voyages réceptifs.


Click here to download the CITAP ByLaws (PDF)

Approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting held in Ottawa, Ontario on April 10, 2017.