Dear Members,

I. The Advocacy Committee has adopted the following as its core philosophy:

(1) We will work to improve the business environment for Asia Pacific Inbound Tourism through changes in the application of regulations and policy by government or government agencies;

With a view towards

  • Fair and equitable treatment of all market participants, including our valued overseas clients;
  • Improved safety and security in travel in a cost effective manner; and
  • Respectful and sustainable practises to support the best in long-term growth of the industry

(2) We will openly engage stakeholders and establish partnerships to support these core objectives, without prejudice and in a spirit of good faith.

(3) We will support initiatives that may not be apparently and immediately beneficial to Asia Pacific Inbound business with the understanding that if it helps to improve the breadth and width of Canadian tour and travel operations, regardless of the area or segment it represents, a more robust and varied tour and travel economy in Canada can only bolster prospects for Asian Inbound business in the long run.


II. Recently the focus has been on four major areas: 

(a)   Canada/China Approved Destination Status Tour Operators Accreditation Program and related.

(b)   HST: Zero-rating qualifying tour and travel services so they receive equal treatment as other Canadian Exports

(c)   Improved Access from Asia Pacific Inbound markets (“Open Skies”; rationalized visa issuance by Canadian authorities; trans-border policies)

(d)   Improved funding for marketing Canada in the Asia Pacific (CTC and other DMOs)


III. Our Basic Approach:

(a)    We engage stakeholders to establish common ground in addressing issues with Inbound Asia Pacific Tourism

(b)   We use a “two prong” approach and different partners depending on the advocacy area: 

  •  Pragmatic, instrumental and operational, “front line” changes in regulations and policy administration that directly and immediately effect daily operations for stakeholders
  • Longer-term strategic initiatives that effect the tone and tenor of business from Asia Pacific


Our membership; TIAC and TIABC. Some of our partners: JTOA and JACATA.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Association’s on-going advocacy efforts.

Advocacy Committee