CITAP, a non-profit organization, is a united force with members from various market segments of the Hospitality Tourism industry. Growing from 10 pioneers to over 200 members in just last a couple years does mean something to us at CITAP - a genuine interest with sincere and devoted support in further developing Canada as the preferred destination for Asia Pacific travelers.


  1. Enhance communications between members and Provincial and Federal levels of government.
  2. Increase and coordinate marketing investment in partnership with transportation companies, hotels, airline companies and relevant tourism partners in order to promote Canada as an international destination as well as a first quality tour destination for buyers from the Asia Pacific region.
  3. Provide members with the first option to invest in Canadian and Asia Pacific cooperative promotions.
  4. Highlight the importance of the Asia Pacific region and its positive economic impact on the Canadian economy,
  5. Establish and strengthen strategic alliances with various levels of government, sellers and buyers (Canadian and Asia Pacific).


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